Summer Hair Love


I know summer is here, and we all want to have some radiant sun 🌞shine  in our lives. It is so essential to experience joy in all aspects of our life, and what better time to reconnect with our inner child than when playing in the sun!

Summer means ocean🏄🏽‍♂️ swims, pool time, picnics, 🎤concerts in the park, hikes and more joyful times.

Guess what? These types of environments can take a toll on the health of our hair. While all this time in the sun ☀️ is amazing, we need to create some balance to align our beauty and health goals with our emotional JOY.

Our body, skin, and hair will experience more dehydration during this time, so here are four great, easy tips for keeping your hair hydrated, healthy, and looking radiant this summer. 

Choose clean, sustainable hair products like Neuma Beauty or Kevin Murphy for the following:

1- HYDRATE with a new conditioner

Swap out your usual conditioner for one that's formulated for hydration.

2- Moisture with masks

Use a moisturizing hair mask once a week to prevent damage.

3- Take a break from hot tools

Give your hair a break from the heat by letting it air-dry. Get creative with styling by trying braids, hair accessories, and more!

4- Hydrate your hair before jumping in the pool or ocean

Wet your hair before going in the pool or ocean. This will limit how much chlorine/saltwater your hair absorbs.

Radiate Positive Beauty Vibes

Pura Vida,