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For someone immersed in the world of physical and visual beauty, there is far more to Meleesa’s Salon than meets the naked eye, making Meleesa Luna Ferris- Miller nothing short of one-of-a-kind and visionary in her field.

Meleesa’s training and expertise reflect a blazing passion for creating aesthetic appeal wherever she goes, yet her approach is less about fabricating allure than it is about unearthing, revealing and caring for the beauty that is already there.

With a long list of celebrity clientele, and work appearing on programs ranging from E! Entertainment and The Golden Globe Awards, to MTV and The Oprah Winfrey Show, Meleesa has gained the experience to satisfy and exceed the demands for major entertainment, media and special event settings. Her work adorns everything from magazine pages to runways at LA and NYC Fashion Week.

Since opening her Salon in 2005 at the tender age of 23, Meleesa’s vocational vision and mission has evolved alongside her personal expansion to include many facets. Actively eliciting the beauty in her clients that they may not be able to see for themselves is one of her several objectives. “The people I work with give me their complete trust to transform and uplift their look, and in turn I use my training in combination with intuition to tune in and call out their natural, highest beauty.”

There is no shortage of top trainings in her field on Meleesa’s impressive resume, which encompasses a range of studies at Bumble & Bumble NYCL'Oreal Soho AcademyThe Paul Mitchell Advanced AcademyVidal Sassoon and Sharon Blain International, to name a few. Ever honing and deepening her tutelage at these facilities and others, you'll find Meleesa active in a host of educational institutions, workshops, POP ups and Hair Jams. On this flawless foundation, from the ground up, Meleesa has built a well-deserved name for herself over time that precedes her in a buzzing and competitive industry. 

A native- born Costa Rican, Meleesa is no stranger to working hard and facing all manner of challenges to bring her dreams to fruition, whilst wearing many hats in the process. Versatility and problem-solving as her signature strengths, Meleesa seamlessly slips in and out of the various roles that come with the modern life of a multi-potentialite. She is as comfortable behind the chair as she is filling the shoes of creative director, international instructor, editorial stylist and salon owner, even branching out into branding, marketing, social media management, coaching and consulting. All of this she does interchangeably between English and Spanish, whilst managing to infuse a grounded sense of warmth and wellbeing in her surroundings.

While she may be a powerhouse with an unstoppable drive to bring grace and glamor to bloom, Melessaharnesses a reverence for the natural world and a thirst for metaphysical exploration which has lead to admirable self-imposed standards of business practice and ethics. Her salon embodies a holistic and well- rounded philosophy; from working with cruelty-free, botanical-based products to employing earth-friendly practices such as recycling everything from empty bottles to hair clippings. The space itself inspires a sense of wellbeing, fosters a community-oriented creative culture, and delivers unparalleled, personalizedexperience in a clean and positive environment with an all-star team. 


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