Meleesa goes to New Orleans: Festival Inspiration, Beignets and More!

Taking with my hands, a sign of passion, I think so.

Taking with my hands, a sign of passion, I think so.

What an incredible experience to have been able to visit this city full of creativity, incredible music, amazing food, and the most uplifted people that I have met in a long time. There was so much history here, and I cannot really say I did not eat my way through New Orleans! But what was my main reason for New Orleans to begin with ? 

I found myself in this wonderful Louisiana city to be a guest artist for the Left Brain Group which is an artist representation brand. I was honored to have been invited to inspire a group of fellow hairdressers who came from across the United States looking to enhance their craft,  find inspiration, and to grow. 

As one of the guest artists, my keynote presentation focused on the topic of inspiration. The idea of “festival” was ultimately channeled through the many ideas that I had. 

Why did “festival” stand out to me? Because in this moment of pure celebration, this is where we get to look into our most creative being and when our creative juices truly get flowing; literally anything goes during these times and I think that’s such an intensely freeing human experience.  Currently there’s so many different festivals that people are excited about—from country music to electronica, and even Mardi Gras! 

For this particular project, I was inspired by unicorns, fairies, opals  crystals—all very ethereal beings. I represented this in a way that just felt very creative to my own process. The premise of my presentation was about showcasing how you would go through the process of bringing an idea to life. 

As you can see, my pieces were very Coachella or Genie In the Bottle inspired—both very magical music festivals. 

I took the entire crowd through the journey and process of creativity, and I even had the pleasure of having Teresa, my friend and stylist from Treat Salon in Los Angeles (where I often do pop-ups) to be my assistant in the project. Luna and Maria were also included in the project as my muses and to help document the entire thing! 

The audience was so welcoming of my art and of the words that I had to say. But the most important thing about this whole project was that I had the opportunity to stand in front of 150 creative people and remind them of how important it is to just be yourself. No matter what, we’re all so unique and we all have a magical purpose within our own lives. 

And I'd just like to say thank you for allowing me to be the artist that I am, and for you to be my beautiful canvas. 

NOLA is a beautiful place of magic and music. I ate everything that I could, and I look forward to the day that I can come back and taste more! Of course I had the beignets, and yes I even tried the alligator. I also visited the house where American Horror Stories: Coven was filmed, and I enjoyed so much on our tour and learning the history, religions and culture that make up New Orleans. It was unbelievable, so beautiful, and so deep in how many layers and how many years have passed to create this breathtaking city.

With that, I’d like to say pura vida—another fabulous adventure infused with inspiration and education brought to you by Meleesa Luna. 

Ciao ciao!