Special Earth Day 2018 Feature: Artist Meleesa Luna Heads To Costa Rica!


Pure Vida, friends, clients, and community! Looking forward into Earth Day, I wanted to share with you my travels back home to Costa Rica and into the lush rainforests, as well as how I was inspired to create a photoshoot inspired by local artistry and sustainability!

With the ability to let my creative juices flow in the most naturally green salon, I was even more delighted to return to my roots and to see my familia. I was beyond overjoyed to see my grandma again! Mima was my second mama! I was actually born in her house and lived there till I was about ten. This year she turned 88 and I could not wait to uplift her with some TLC.

It was a beautiful trip where I got to dedicate ten whole days as a reset for myself, to visit loved ones, as well as to do some creative work producing a photoshoot there. I took some adventure time and went into the cloud forest and even did some zip lining! I’m not a very outdoors and adventure person, but it was powerful and beautiful to be able to be there in the top of the trees and to see the peace and tranquility of what we are surrounded with. Nature is so precious and so beautiful! 

Being a green beauty ambassador is something that I proudly and continuously do, and returning to beautiful Costa Rica allowed for my creative energy to buzz! The photoshoot was curated by myself as well as local artistry, locally-sourced materials, and best of all--organic and cruelty-free hair products! It was truly a green salon as every creation was an organic hairstyle. 

The photoshoot collection came out beautifully; knowing I could always depend on organic and sustainable products, I had the freedom to create boho hairstyles by incorporating dazzling textures and intricate braids and patterns! I had so much fun with this Costa Rica flair-styled collection! 

I hope with this collection of photos that this Earth Day you will be inspired to rediscover nature, to find balance within yourself and to be inspired by sustainable living! 

Pura Vida, 
Meleesa Luna