Tutorial with Meleesa Luna: Head Wrap


Hola beautiful people! 

As you all know I believe that imparting knowledge about haircare while keeping things eco-friendly is super important! I want to share with you a DIY head wrap tutorial that's perfect for:

• those days when your hair is unruly (let's face it, we all have them!)

• hair loss caused by health issues such stress or hormonal fluctuations

• going through chemo treatments

• if you simply want to try a new chic and trendy sustainable hairstyle.

• traveling when it's inconvenient to pack hair products and styling tools 

The wrap is super easy to do, and best of all it saves tons of water! Let's get real--sometimes we just don't have the time to style our hair every single day, or maybe you're using a deep conditioning hair mask and still want to keep things fabulous. The wrap is a quick sustainable solution that turns bad hair days into a dazzling hair accessory! 

This is a great style for the spring/summer beach look and it comes in handy if you're covering up roots or trendy jetsetter look if you don't have room in your carryon for multiple hair tools. For those of us who are going through a little more stress than usual and are going through hair loss moments in life, this wrap can also be a great coverup solution! 

*Many of you noticed the round spots on my arms and back. Don't worry! I didn't get attacked by a giant octopus 😜. I'm a firm believer in wellness practices so they're actually the result from cupping therapy! It's an ancient Chinese practice that's still in use today to relieve muscle and joint pain as well as promote natural healing! The circles are a completely normal result from the therapy and fade on their own within a few days to a week. 

Have you tried the head wrap style? Share with us your styles on Instagram and don't forget to tag us @meleesathesalon #meleesathesalon