Meleesa The Salon is Huntington Beach's #1 Sustainable Beauty Collective


Did you know that here at Meleesa The Salon in Huntington Beach, we are the #1 sustainable hair salon? All of our services are sustainable, and each and every of the products that we use and carry are Earth-friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan! 

Hola everyone, Meleesa here! We here at the salon value health and a positive lifestyle--not just for our immediate surroundings--but for out entire planet's environments. Born in Costa Rica, I have always been exposed to a lot of nature, and that's something that's always been in my blood. I strive to learn more each day how to take care of our environment and drawing those same practices into my beauty rituals.

Meleesa The Salon was not always a sustainable beauty salon. As I transformed through my personal journey starting with meditation 15 years ago, the salon transformed alongside me, too. I carved a little more time each day to be more present and to listen to my body, understanding what was affecting it positively and negatively. I started to do yoga and learned how health, body, and mind all worked together. And through my journey, the salon started to reflect my healthy lifestyle.

With my mind and heart open, I began to encounter the needs of a lot of people suffering from skin disorders, allergies, and people who were seeking for clean body products that performed to their standards. That's when doors began to open and I started tapping into a different area of the beauty industry. I started to see how dark the beauty business can be, and all the things we have been exposed to as a society. I started to open my eyes to the harmful practices, and  shared my newfound knowledge to others. I was excited to see how many people stepped forward with interest to know more! People were showing up asking for beauty products that was not only kind to their health and wellness, but also performed well, unlike the ordinary grocery story products.

Thats when my partnership with Neuma began. Their products are gluten-free, vegan, had recyclable packaging, and I fostered this new relationship by traveling the world and educating other hair stylists how to create outstanding, beautiful, and trendy styles from anything such as blowouts, color, balayages, up-dos, to sophisticated red-carpet and camera-ready hairstyles. And this could all be achieved by using products that are healthy not only for the body, but for the earth as well.

Throughout this journey I have encountered many people struggling with illnesses due to exposure from chemicals in poorly ventilated salons, and/or salons that were not designed for the health of the consumer/client, or the stylist. This really opened my eyes and the journey just got deeper. This is when I found Green Circle Salon's company, an innovator and pioneer in their commitment for sustainability in the beauty industry. As a member of Green Circle Salons, Meleesa The Salon in the past year alone was able to recycle 1,119 lbs of waste that included foils, hair, plastic, paper, and liquids. By this practice, we helped divert a thousand pounds of waste from landfills, oceans, rivers, and helped protect all sorts of plants and wildlife!  

We want to share with you that any time you walk into Meleesa The Salon to get your beauty services from highlights, balayages, colors, a blowout, or simply a cut, we've got it covered. And yep, even that Starbucks cup that held that delicious coffee! 

I'm proud to say that me and my amazing team of hair stylists here in Huntington Beach, Orange County are making a difference, and it's coming from the heart. So the next time you're in downtown Huntington Beach on Main St., come say hello and make yourself at home at our sustainable hair and beauty salon!